What is SchizConnect?

Large-scale data sharing

The exploration and analysis of multi-site, multi-dimensional, multi-modal data has improved the schizophrenia research community's understanding of the complex disease. SchizConnect allows researchers to conduct these crucial large-scale investigations.

Novel mediation software

The SchizConnect Mediator queries disparate, heterogeneous data sources and integrates their content for return in a uniform, semantically-consistent structure. In this way, SchizConnect is a true federation of schizophrenia neuroimaging-related databases.

Federated databases

All the SchizConnect data remains at the repositories under the control of the data providers. SchizConnect thus enables schizophrenia researchers to share their already-collected data with no changes to their existing data repositories, removing a huge impediment to efficient data sharing.

Participating Sites

SchizConnect is a virtual database, mediating data from the following databases: fBIRN, COINS, XNAT Central, NUNDA, and NU REDCap. The mediator was developed at the Information Sciences Institute of the University of Southern California (ISI).

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PI team: Lei Wang, Jose Luis Ambite, Jessica Turner, Steven Potkin
Engineering team: Kate Alpert, Margaret King, Alex Kogan, Joel Mathew, Dave Keator
Funding: NIMH 1U01 MH097435

SchizConnect Press

Jan 14 2016, SchizConnect spotlighted by Schizophrenia Research Forum: SchizConnect Integrates Neuroimaging Data. read the article

Nov 11 2015, SchizConnect reported by Medical News Today (United Kingdom): Database translates schizophrenia research into one 'language'

Nov 10 2015, SchizConnect reported by Medical Xpress: Database translates schizophrenia research into one 'language'

Project Information

For more information about the SchizConnect project, including papers and presentations, please view the project description.