What is SchizConnect?

Large-scale data sharing

The exploration and analysis of multi-site, multi-dimensional, multi-modal data has improved the schizophrenia research community's understanding of the complex disease. SchizConnect allows researchers to conduct these crucial large-scale investigations.

Novel mediation software

The SchizConnect Mediator queries disparate, heterogeneous data sources and integrates their content for return in a uniform, semantically-consistent structure. In this way, SchizConnect is a true federation of schizophrenia neuroimaging-related databases.

Federated databases

All the SchizConnect data remains at the repositories under the control of the data providers. SchizConnect thus enables schizophrenia researchers to share their already-collected data with no changes to their existing data repositories, removing a huge impediment to efficient data sharing.

SchizConnect Press

Jan 14 2016, SchizConnect spotlighted by Schizophrenia Research Forum: SchizConnect Integrates Neuroimaging Data. read the article

Nov 11 2015, SchizConnect reported by Medical News Today (United Kingdom): Database translates schizophrenia research into one 'language'

Nov 10 2015, SchizConnect reported by Medical Xpress: Database translates schizophrenia research into one 'language'

Participating Sites

SchizConnect integrates data from the University of California Irvine (fBIRN), the Mind Research Network for Neurodiagnostic Discovery (COINS), and the Northwestern Universtity Feinberg School of Medicine (NUSDAST, NMorphCH). The mediator software was developed at the Information Sciences Institute of the University of Southern California (ISI).

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Project Information

For more information about the SchizConnect project, including papers and presentations, please view the project description.